1. someone: taylor swift can't d
    2. me: stop i'm not listening to this
    3. someone: but taylor swift can't -
    4. me: stop the hate
    5. me: stop
    6. me: stop
    7. me: stop
    8. someone: she can't dance
    9. me: oh haha
    10. me: TRUuUUU
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    Ed Sheeran - Don’t and Nina (Live at the Ruby Sessions)

    (also includes Loyal, No Diggity and The Next Episode )

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    New clips of Taylor in The Giver

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    1. other artists: lemme hear ya!
    2. fans: scream
    3. ed sheeran: now this is only going to work if you stay quiet
    4. ed sheeran: *begins singing*
    5. fans: *scream*
    6. ed sheeran: now what did i say can you please shut the fuck up
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